Gretchen Precey

Independent Social Worker

Gretchen Precey provides a range of learning programmes designed to help, train and guide Children’s Services professionals throughout the UK. Her programmes have been developed from years of experience as a practicing professional and are tailored to meet specific learning needs – making the courses more effective for all participants.

In addition to her extensive menu of training courses, Gretchen undertakes a number of other social work related tasks, including Partnership Reviews, parenting assessment reports, Special Guardianship reports, consultancy, facilitation, and supervision.

She is the ISW supervisor for AG Family Support, an independent social work agency that specialises in culturally and linguistically sensitive assessments of families with connections to countries outside of the UK, especially eastern Europe ( Gretchen supervises and quality assures the work of their Independent Social Workers for the organisation and undertakes assessments for AG in her own right.

Gretchen is a very experienced Independent Social Worker. Her work is exemplary. She is a conscientious professional with integrity and good analytical and forensic skills. Her reports are of an exceptionally high standard that have clarity and are well balanced.’

Lesley Reiff

Quality Assurance Manager, Willis Palmer

Gretchen has led on a variety of complex projects for Ealing children services including implementing a consultation strategy, supporting quality improvement through training and providing insightful analysis which is always solution focussed. Gretchen has an energetic and engaging communication style which helps build enthusiasm for constructive change combined with a highly experienced and professional social work skill set. I would highly recommend Gretchen who has made a great difference to service development in Ealing over many years.

Charles Barnard

Assistant Director- Early Years Preventative and Youth Services, London Borough of Ealing Children's Services

All I can say about the training that Gretchen has done for us is that ‘She is absolutely bloody marvellous!’

Dr Leslie Ironside

Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist and Director CFED Brighton, Centre for Emtional Development